Supplies, Hardware and Tools
Here are some of the best, burner-friendly resources.
Submit your own favorites in an email to “resources (at) rangers (dot) org”.
Tools -------
Harbor Freight
This source for cheap tools is another example why China is going to put the U.S. out of the manufacturing business.
Fisher Space Pen
The only pen that will write on playa-dusted paper (or underwater).
Food ------
Trader Joes
Quality food, low cost. Best known for it’s 2 buck chuck wine.
Camping ------
Really good prices on camping stuff.
Twin City Surplus
1675 E. 4th St, Reno, NV
Reno based camping supplies, sporting goods, clothing and lots of unusual surplus stuff.
Domes -----
Pacific Domes
Excellent source for domes. You can even rent a dome and they will erect it on the playa and remove it after the event.
Alternative Technology ------
Real Goods
Solar and alternative energy products and information.
Electronic -----
The Weird Stuff Warehouse
Sunnyvale & Fremont CA
Electronics and computer stuff.
Halted Specialties Company
Santa Clara, CA
Electronics, lasers, etc.
Hardware ----
Everything needed for that truck-mounted flame thrower.
C&H Surplus
Motors, solenoids, regulators, meters, cylinders, inverters, relays, etc.
Flamethrowers -----
Bear Claw
Off-the-shelf, lightweight, personal recreational flamethrowers.
Geek Gear -----
U.S. Cavalry
Military and adventure equipment.
Work clothing, farming & safety equipment and hardware.
Fabric ---
Building your own costume? Looking for a rug for your tent?
Here is one of the cheapest sources for fabric & rugs.
Home Fabrics & Rugs
Stores located in 8 western states.
Light -----
Chemical Light
Cool chemical luminescent products.
Light Toys
A burner-owned source for led & chem glow-things.
Playa Primitive ----
The Wandering Bull
American Indian crafts and supplies: feathers, leather, bones, beads, etc.
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Ranger Approved.”
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